De Meeuwen van Tinbergen - The Seagulls of Tinbergen - Interdisciplinairy project
By theatre group Cowboy by Nacht (Performances / Excursions / Lectures / Exhibitions)

Geen Familie (English: No Family) - Cowboy bij Nacht
A girl asks total strangers to behave like her family members.

CODE A1 film poster
Film about the obstacles that paramedics endure while saving people.
Director: Rolf van Eijk, script: Robert van Dijk. (Revolver Media).

Hippolytos by Theatre Group Aluin.
Guerrilla-flyering by 8000 (screen-printed) free hand-out panties.

Jazz Club Waterfront's monthly event.

CC Luchtbal - Beluga Recordings label night
And a John Wayne-ish font named 'Regulators'.

Ik dacht dat ik mijn naam hoorde
English title: 'I thought I heard my moon'
Première at Theatre Festival a/d Werf, The Netherlands.

Maandageditie (Monday Edition) - Theatre Group Aluin
About: A newspaper's office wrestling against The Extinction of Print.
(Series 5 from 7)

Cultuurnacht Almere - Cultural Night Almere
Repeating 'ident' for annual kick off Cultural Season City of Almere.
(2007 -2011)

Theatre Group Aluin (Utrecht) - Hotel Midlife
In preparation of a reunion-gig a, once, popular band meet in a hotel.

'Beats available for everybody'
Geschikt voor iedere maat. Dance & pop-stage 'De Vloer'.

Performance 'Mary Stuart'
Theatre Group Aluin, Utrecht, The Netherlands / A0 / A2 / A5 / web.

Saint Denis, solo performance Dennis Coenen
Shot at IJsselmeer, Monnickendam. Photography Niels Stomps.

Ruwe Honing (Raw Honey)
'Parents get ready for son's birthday party - Son makes a strange move...'
Director Annick Vroom. Scenario Robert van Dijk. NPS/Armadillo Flm.

Muisman Opnemen
Inspired by Tjechov's 'The Coat'. Cowboy Bij Nacht

Short film clearly focused on 'dementia' by Jurjen Blick.

Nationale Kinderboekenweek
National Children's Book Week / A0 / A2 / A5.